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Modern interiors in luxury chalet style

What first comes to your mind if someone asks you what the typical chalets in the Alps and their interior design are? Most people imagine log houses full of charming alpine decorations and fur blankets, sturdy, solid furniture with a rough finish, a large stone fireplace, there is a complete absence of the use of [...]
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Art through eyes of an interior designer

Our series of articles on art and its role in interior design is concluded by an interview with Milan Kočiš, the founder of architectural firm FMDESIGN. This company provides comprehensive services in interior architecture, furnishing and project realisation. This interview was developed in collaboration with an international platform VELVENOIR which was founded in Salzburg, Austria [...]
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How to select art for your interior

ART SERIES (PART 1.) : HOW TO SELECT ART FOR YOUR INTERIOR? Our take on art and interior design Art is more than just a decoration in your interior. Art provides the interior concept with an inimitable character and therefore, is an indispensable part of every comprehensive interior design. We perceive art as a great medium [...]
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Interior trends in restaurants 2018

Interior trends in restaurants of 2018 As the whole marketing culture quickly evolves into a context driven mainly by social media, so do all the interior design trends ruling the world of commercial spaces like restaurants. And businesses pursuing their goals in HORECA industry are absolutely no exception to this unstoppable trend. Booming publicity of [...]
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Hotel interior design VILLA ZAUBER

Interior design of Hotel ZAUBER Villa ZAUBER is a small-sized urban hotel located in city Poprad under High Tatra. We have designed the interior of this accomodation facility and equipped it in a comprehensive way. This hotel is a true eye-catcher and mesmerizes your attention right from the very first moment you enter. Inside you can find nine [...]
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What it really takes to create an authentic hotel interior

Hotel furniture and hotel interiors Hotel furniture represents the basic part of equipment for facilities active in hospitality sector. Due to its demanding characteristics requested specifically for this type of service is the furniture for hotel interiors usually tailor-made and designed individually for a specific hotel project. Common retail stores with furniture often do not [...]
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Office space interior, exterior and entry hall – Chemosvit a.s.

Exterior, entry hall and office space interior in the Chemosvit HQ The public company Chemosvit belongs to one of the most successful companies in Slovakia. With its large production volume, it is also one of the biggest employers on our market which delivers its products also on international level. The HQ of this company has [...]
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Cigar & Cognac Bar – Hotel Interior Hviezdoslav

Hotel Interior Hviezdoslav - CIGAR & COGNAC BAR Hotel interior hides and uncovers various areas providing the hotel guests with space to relax and unwind. One of them is represented by the exclusively furnished interior of the Cigar and Cognac Bar in Hotel Hviezdoslav. The luxurious equipment of this interior creates a calming atmosphere and also [...]
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Behind the brand : Sofabeds Milano Bedding

Sofabeds Milano Bedding Our interior design studio is proudly presenting the brand Milano Bedding, a leading manufacturer of sofabeds, beds and mattresses in Europe. Sofabeds Milano Bedding will truly revolutionize the way you think about seating and sleeping. While 100% percent of its production takes place directly in Italy, the brand cooperates with a broad network of international designers. [...]
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