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Interior trends in restaurants 2018

Interior trends in restaurants of 2018 As the whole marketing culture quickly evolves into a context driven mainly by social media, so do all the interior design trends ruling the world of commercial spaces like restaurants. And businesses pursuing their goals in HORECA industry are absolutely no exception to this unstoppable trend. Booming publicity of [...]
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Interior design of the hotel VILLA ZAUBER

Hotel interior design ZAUBER Villa ZAUBER is a small city hotel under the Tatras, for which we have designed and comprehensively realized the interior. The interior design of the hotel ZAUBER catches the eye at first glance with the above-standard level of equipment of the lobby, hotel reception, rooms and social areas. In total, there [...]
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How to make hotel interiors and the right choice of furniture?

Hotel furniture and hotel interiors The basic part of the equipment of accommodation facilities consists of hotel furniture. Due to its specific parameters required for this particular service area, furniture for hotel interiors is in most cases individually designed and subsequently manufactured for a specific hotel. Conventional furniture retailers often do not offer authentic and [...]
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Cigar & Cognac Bar – Hotel Interior Hviezdoslav

Hotel Interior Hviezdoslav - CIGAR & COGNAC BAR Hotel interior hides and uncovers various areas providing the hotel guests with space to relax and unwind. One of them is represented by the exclusively furnished interior of the Cigar and Cognac Bar in Hotel Hviezdoslav. The luxurious equipment of this interior creates a calming atmosphere and also [...]
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