Behind the brand : Sofabeds Milano Bedding

Behind the brand : Sofabeds Milano Bedding

Sofabeds Milano Bedding

Our interior design studio is proudly presenting the brand Milano Bedding, a leading manufacturer of sofabeds, beds and mattresses in Europe. Sofabeds Milano Bedding will truly revolutionize the way you think about seating and sleeping.

While 100% percent of its production takes place directly in Italy, the brand cooperates with a broad network of international designers.

Since its establishment, the company develops unique furniture objects. They are the unity of premium design, high comfort standards and user-friendly technologies. The main purpose of this brand is to create the same level of convenience, style and quality in the market of sofabeds as in that of beds and sofas.

The functionality of their products is supported by the adoption of advanced Lampolet mechanisms and innovative solutions for opening and closing. A truly practical feature of these systems is that they do not require removal of cushions or backrests when manipulating. You can literally open the sofabed in few seconds while using one hand. As the next bonus, many models also provide you with the inner storage space for your blankets and cushions. This makes the usage of these products extremely convenient and time-saving,

Where to use these stylish sofabeds

Sofabeds Milano Bedding are durable enough to withstand a frequented and even an every-day use. Therefore, we work with them fairly often while furnishing demanding interiors. Especially, when it comes to hospitality projects. Good examples in this context are various accommodation providers such as hotel, guesthouses, apartment houses and holiday villas.

They are perfectly suited for placement in offices, retail stores or private living spaces likewise. You will strongly benefit from these sofabeds also in smaller spaces that require smart furniture solutions due to limited interior dimensions.

 WHY to pick a sofabed from Milano Bedding

  • 100% Italian production
  • A wide range of designs, materials and quality mattresses to choose from, all providing a premium sleeping comfort 
  • Innovative technologies & easy-to-use opening mechanisms, gentle to your health, time and energy
  • Ready to withstand daily and frequent use, thus the perfect fit also for commercial and hospitality projects

Thanks to the continuous research and development, Milano Bedding provides an endless portfolio of fabrics. Apart from that, also a huge variety of mattresses to choose from. Thus, these products are able to satisfy even the highest sleeping and seating demands, without any compromise on design or aesthetics.

In case you would like to get more information about the latest collection and also about pricing, feel free to contact us directly. We are here to help you to pick the right one for you and your interior.

As always, with best regards,

your FMDESIGN Team

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