Behind the brand : Authentic home decor by Guaxs

Behind the brand : Authentic home decor by Guaxs

Home decor by Guaxs

Explore the home decor by Guaxs and get excited about their unique interior design accessories. They will change the room atmosphere and have an effect on everything and everyone around them!

In this article, we would like to introduce you to this authentic brand, a top accessories Designer and producer we have just started to cooperate with!

GUAXS is a family-based German company that focuses on creating high-quality and hand-made interior design objects. The inspiration for this stunning work is derived from an intense engagement with different cultures. Another defining element is the analysis of their common features and shared characteristics. Starting with the ancient times and finishing with modern arts.

In conformity with these main operating principles, home decor by Guaxs aims for the maintenance of craftsmanship and tradition. Thus, the objects are produced locally in exclusive factories. These are specialized in producing small editions for artists and designers from international environment.

The craftsmen usually work as a team and process natural and sustainable materials such as glass, wood and metal. In order to be successful, the teams need a high degree of skill and experience, but also coordination and physical strength. Thus, each object receives its individual structure and its distinctive character. And since every single form is an unique object, each customer receives his own piece of authentic craftsmanship.

TOP 3 benefits of GUAXS interior accesories:
  • Timeless design, which does not underlie any fashion-trend
  • Limitless compatibility with various interior design styles – from elegant classics to modern minimalism
  • Premium quality and natural, highly-sustainable material
Interiérové doplnky GUAXS

In case we have made you curious, please don´t hesitate to contact us or to explore this eye-candy directly in our showroom, where you will find some exciting GUAXS objects from the newest collection SPRING/SUMMER 2017!

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