Interior trends in restaurants 2018

Interior trends in restaurants 2018

Interior trends in restaurants of 2018

As the whole marketing culture quickly evolves into a context driven mainly by social media, so do all the interior design trends ruling the world of commercial spaces like restaurants. And businesses pursuing their goals in HORECA industry are absolutely no exception to this unstoppable trend.

Booming publicity of HORECA Interiors

In 2018, places like hotels, restaurants and cafés enjoy more public visibility than ever. They are constantly documented by a rising number of travelers and creative professionals, devoting a big portion of their attention to topics like interior design, travel, food or even restaurant and hotel choices. This tornado of increased visibility relating to private and public environments did not only impact the way how businesses promote themselves through their marketing efforts, but also the importance they attach to their overall looks and interior design.

interierovy dizajn restauracia bar

Visual storytelling and “instagrammability” in focus

Naturally, this motivates restaurant designers to conduct experiments with innovative interior elements. A great example in this context are structured wallpapers, colorful flooring tiles and remarkable accessories such as hard-to-find decorations and striking statues. The more eye-catching and provocative, the better for making the restaurant business stand out in social media. This way, the “instagrammability” of a given interior is not a bonus feature anymore, but rather a basic requirement on interior design in restaurants. The ultimate goal is a non-replicable atmosphere that speaks for itself.

A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words 
– Berry Dixon

restauracny interier trendy 2018

Vintage flair in urban jungles

While retro patterns and vintage decorations celebrate a big revival this year, the world of interior design in restaurants gets dominated by calming pastel shades such as mint, rose, turquoise and stone grey. Natural environments belong also to the hottest interior trends in restaurants of 2018. As a visible proof of this design trend, restaurant businesses include in their spaces much more wood and greenery than ever. This results in a perfectly calming and garden-like environment. And there is no better way to accentuate these environments than with soft metallic details covered in warm tones of copper, brass and gold.

HYGGE Atmoshere through Lighting

Lighting is another essential element contributing to a pleasant customer experience, especially when it comes to making people look good under artificial light and feel undisturbed by it. In this context, the so called “Hygge“ atmosphere originating in Danish culture stands for the home-like vibe of relax and coziness. For a good reason, this has become one of the biggest targets worth striving for in the contemporary art of commercial interior design.

Restauracny dizajn interier

Restaurant lighting displayed in the article gallery comes from the Italian producer MODOLUCE. View the complete lookbook and more information on this brand here. For any product and service requests related to restaurant design, please don´t hesitate to contact our team!

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