Interior design of the hotel VILLA ZAUBER

Interior design of the hotel VILLA ZAUBER

Hotel interior design ZAUBER

Villa ZAUBER is a small city hotel under the Tatras, for which we have designed and comprehensively realized the interior. The interior design of the hotel ZAUBER catches the eye at first glance with the above-standard level of equipment of the lobby, hotel reception, rooms and social areas. In total, there are 9 very comfortable rooms for hotel guests, six of them on the first floor and three directly on the ground floor of this property.

Villa Zauber Poprad Interier

Elegant interior with an artistic touch

The dominant part of the entrance hall is the staircase, where we have combined two natural materials, glass and wood, which give this space a timeless character. The effect of elegance in Villa Zauber’s interior design is also complemented by the wall decoration itself – art motifs of larger dimensions on the front wall and imaginative panelling with simple and clean lines. A very important element of the interior design in this context is the solution of the suspended ceilings with the use of wooden cladding elements. Here, our interior architects have also incorporated direct and indirect lighting sources so that we can guarantee the flexibility of the lighting atmosphere and the possibility of changing it according to the current needs. The central staircase is also given a touch of flair by the unmissable MODOLUCE luminaire, which with its glass optics and modern look fits perfectly into the overall design concept of the ZAUBER hotel.

villa zauber interier fmdesign
Dizajn komerčných priestorov

Villa ZAUBER and the choice of main themes and colours for the hotel interior

The interior design of Hotel Zauber is also characterised by the harmonious colours used in the social and accommodation areas. The interior architecture is complemented by a neutral colour palette such as white, beige and bronze. silver or warm shades of wood. These shades look very clean and provide space for the artistic motifs strategically placed throughout the building to stand out.

Jazz Café at the ZAUBER Hotel

Special attention will also be paid to the gastro areas such as the breakfast room or the jazz café. In addition to creating an intimate atmosphere, we also tried to stimulate creative ideas and placed authentic images of jazz musicians on the walls. For a maximally undisturbed artistic experience, we have subtly hidden technical elements such as heating elements or distribution cabinets with wooden interior panelling. A crucial element in achieving the desired atmosphere is the BOSE sound system, which we have supplied as part of our comprehensive package of services and goods.

Villa Zauber Restauracia Interierovy dizajn

Atypical furniture and special finishes

The basis for the interior design of the ZAUBER hotel is atypical equipment, which we have produced in our own production capacities of FMDESIGN. In addition to the hotel furniture in the rooms, this section also includes the wall and ceiling panelling, the reception desk and the front desk. In terms of the material chosen for these elements, we chose to work with different types of laminated boards. We have enriched these with special surface finishes, whether they are solid colour or textured surfaces. A good example is also the attractive effect of metal optics used, for example, on the visuals of the reception desk and console. The supporting part of the wooden elements of the interior is walnut, giving the space a cosier and warmer tones.

Dizajn interieru hotela villa Zauber

Hotel decoration and selection of products for hotel operation

Of course, the choice of decoration of the hotel windows and beds in the Villa Zauber hotel also matched this impression. For the interior design of the Zauber Hotel, we decided to use hotel furniture such as chairs from the Cizeta brand. Next, our interior designers worked with Vorwerk carpets and lighting from Italian designers Modoluce. You can order these stylish luminaires today via our newly opened FMDESIGN ELEMENTS e-shop. We worked with the Marca Corona brand to equip the toilets, from which we ordered tiles and ceramic tiles. This brand, together with the above-mentioned manufacturers of type elements, is our long-term business partner.

The FMDESIGN team will be happy to share with you their extensive experience in this industry. If you have any further questions about this project or our services for complex hotel interior furnishing, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our interior design studio Bratislava and Kežmarok is looking forward to your visit!


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