How to select art for your interior

How to select art for your interior


Our take on art and interior design

Art is more than just a decoration in your interior. Art provides the interior concept with an inimitable character and therefore, is an indispensable part of every comprehensive interior design. We perceive art as a great medium for storytelling and believe that it has the power to enhance or to disrupt the impression intended by the interior design concept. The essential thing to ask remains – how to select art for your interior and what to consider?

Art as a personal investment

As interior designers we see art also as a personal investment for our clients. Strategically placed artworks represent the most powerful sources of “brain-food”, able to recharge one’s emotional battery and to foster innovative thinking likewise. Moreover, art provides to its spectators an unlimited opportunity to relax and to dive into a world without external pressures, doubts or negative influences. Thus, we also see it as a personal investment, able to benefit not only the aesthetics but also the soul. As a bonus, original art is one of the special goods which will only rise in value as time passes. Therefore, one often considers the purchase of art as a smart way to work with personal finances.

How to select art for your interior

Selection of art is a highly subjective matter. In this context, it is more than essential to embrace the freedom of choice and personal preferences. And while we as interior architects might have the competence to advise you on art, pushing our own opinion too hard on you would not make any sense in the long term.

What really counts is the feeling of connection and good vibes between you and the selected object. However, whenever the opportunity presents itself, we love to surprise our clients and propose something that is slightly “out-of-the-box”.

In this process, we always prioritize the specific personality of our counterpart. Equally important is the type of atmosphere we are trying to create. Furthermore, one needs to respect the function of a given interior and last but not least, also the budget.

Match or not to match?

What we consider when looking at a specific artwork is the right combination of colors, composition and also proportions of a given object.  However, it is important to stress that art does not have to “match” your interior. In the end, it should be a pure expression of what you love. Especially when both your interior and your favorite art are colorful, a clash can happen very easily. In order to avoid this effect, try to identify colors and shades that will layer in with your interior.

Complementing and adding next-level quality to your interior design is here much more important than creating a “perfect match”. Another smart strategy is using enough “negative space” or picking the right frame that will accentuate details in your furniture.

Art sourcing

When it comes to art sourcing, we love to make our own research and to utilize social media as a powerful screening tool. We also work with original art sourced directly from a network of local artists. When finding the right fit, we like to cooperate on a long-term basis and provide our clients with a rich portfolio of art to choose from.

In the second part of this art series, we will give you valuable tips on how to style with art in your interior and how to place it well. Stay tuned!

With love for art,

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