Abstract art – Interior Styling Tips

Abstract art – Interior Styling Tips


Get creative with the way you display art in your interior and style with it like a pro! In the second part of our ART SERIES, our interior designers reveal several options of abstract art placement and combination in any kind of environment.

Interior styling and storytelling through abstract art

As interior styling is a strictly personal matter, your choices will depend mostly on the way you express your character and attitude to life. Abstract art became immensely popular in this context and fully captivated the art space of the 20th century. Not only is this type of art able to complete both modern and classic interior looks, it also has the power to challenge its spectators and tell powerful stories.

No matter if easy-going, minimal, classy or a bit more extravagant in its nature, consider styling through art as an effective way to add your own signature to the space you are living in.

Abstract art in commercial spaces

A good example are the abstract artworks complementing the interior design of the coffeehouse Alfa in Poprad. While leaving just enough room for imagination, art enhances the atmosphere intended by the whole interior concept and stimulates creative thinking too. For commercial environments such as hotels, retail spaces or restaurants, the function of art can be very essential as it creates a character which cannot be so easily replicated. Also office and retail interiors can benefit from the right selection of art to enjoy as they can feel pretty blend without it.

Displaying art the right way

So you have picked your favorite artwork and wonder how to display it to make it work for your interior? Well, it really depends on the piece. You are free to position art in many ways, from hanging it directly onto empty walls or timber base. An essential point here is to let your painting have enough space around to breathe.

Another smart strategy is covering the base area in a wallpaper which is suitable as a “backdrop” for your artwork. This can give depth to the whole room, create additional contrast and make the shapes and colors in your art pop more. When going for a “casual” effect, you can also try placing unique abstract artworks with complementing color shades close to each other. Consider also various accentuating furniture details through various frame options.

abstraktne umenie luxusny interier

Combining trending abstract art styles

Monochrome abstracts

Monochrome abstracts belong to the abstract art styles currently dominating the world of interior design. With their universal color palette, they stand for timeless elegance and sophisticated looks. Thanks to their mysterious nature and boldness, they often feel like the type of art one might just get hypnotized by. While retaining the edge for which contemporary art is known for, there’s one big advantage to monochrome art. Specifically, there´s no need to worry about integrating it into any kind of color setup.

Gestural and figural motives in abstract art

The ultimate goal of abstract art resembling human figures and gestures is a bold communication of emotion and movement. A good example here is the artwork created by the french painter Jean Claude Breat, combining bold expressionism with a subtle touch of cubism. Every painting gives birth to another type of metamorphosis – pierces the bubble of reality and kidnaps us into the realm of illusions and dreams.

As painters can pour various feelings into this type of creative work – love, passion, pain, fear or anger – through the eyes of a spectator, these ideas reinvent their meaning. Color blocking is another way how to underline the diversity of human emotion in this context.

abstraktny obraz kubizmus Jean Claude Breat

Blurred focus art

The top 3 of the most popular abstract art styles is completed by the so-called “soft-focus” art.  Blurred lines and transitions sheds more light on the game of shades and color balance. Not too bold and not too passive, it provides the perfect spot to relax and to recharge emotional battery.

Combining various abstract art styles demands an organic approach. As a single rule of thumb, abstract artworks should harmonize in a loose way. Thus, you can have a classic style close to a contemporary one, gestural pieces next to blurred compositions and so on.

All that matters is the synergy between the pieces and not their similarity. In general, we recommend to pick a maximum of three art styles to keep your interior styling cohesive but interesting at the same time.

interior designer bratislava art

For any additional questions related to proper art selection and placement in your interior, feel free to contact our team of interior architects and stylists. We will be glad to share with you more than two decades of our experience with crafting tailored interior environments. In the final part of our ART SERIES, we will analyze art as an investment good.

Stay tuned!

With love for art, your FMDESIGN Team

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