Modern interiors in luxury chalet style

Modern interiors in luxury chalet style

What first comes to your mind if someone asks you what the typical chalets in the Alps and their interior design are?

Most people imagine log houses full of charming alpine decorations and fur blankets, sturdy, solid furniture with a rough finish, a large stone fireplace, there is a complete absence of the use of artificial materials, accessories are only made of natural materials. But today’s modern cottage style is more sophisticated, more subtle and often especially elegant. Admittedly, the interior design of alpine chalets has foundations built on the traditional elements that these chalets capture and without them they would lose their charm. But just as other areas are adapting to today’s modern world, these cottages must keep up with the times and meet the lifestyle requirements of modern people. You don’t need a massive log house in the mountains to create the perfect chalet-style interior. This style is suitable for chalets and apartments, as well as for interiors in town houses or apartments. It can also be recommended for the decoration of hotels and recreation centers, where people come to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy contact with nature.

Architecture of a traditional alpine chalet

The traditional architecture of the alpine chalet features a gabled roof with large overhangs over wide verandas. The roof and the overall structure are thus stronger, more protected and more resistant to large amounts of snow and cold weather in mountainous environments. The facade is divided into two material parts. The first floor is made of natural stone, which is plentiful in this area, and the second floor is finished with wooden material. The use of stone in the lower part is also of deeper importance, because the cottage will be strengthened thanks to this material, at the same time it will be better insulated from the cold and also prevent rodents from entering the cottage. A typical feature is a large stone fireplace with a chimney located approximately in the middle of the floor plan. This guarantees an even heating of the space and at the same time strengthens the whole construction of the cottage. Today’s cottage architecture, thanks to modern and energy-efficient construction materials, has the opportunity to create magnificent spaces with high ceilings and large window walls. This creates a better connection between the interior and the exterior, so you can better enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Traditional chalet from the Alpine environment

Modern alpine chalet with traditional elements

Modern chalet-style interiors

Creating unexpected combinations

Today’s modern interiors in the style of an alpine chalet are no longer so strict, but rather have an inclination to eclecticism. It is appropriate or desirable to create a space that is sophisticated, but at the same time playful in color and material. This type of interior is used more in hotel and apartment buildings. It is intended for people who go there to spend their free time and want to be accommodated at least for a while in an environment that they do not have at home and experience a feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Connecting the interior with the exterior

The reference to the introduction of exterior elements is far from unusual in interior design. When considering an Alpine-style interior design, the basic starting point should be the incorporation of solid wood and rough, seemingly untreated surfaces.


Floors should be made of large-format, single-ply wooden boards, with a touch of imperfection. A hint of cracks, insect damage, bumps and similar wood defects are desirable here. The same can be said for other wooden surfaces such as wall coverings, wooden windows and solid, modern – classic furniture . The surface treatment is essential. It is not suitable to use glossy varnishes, rather it is necessary to focus on wax surface treatment or matt varnish. Although there may be exceptions, we want to add a certain emphasis to interior design.

Another natural, distinctive element is the stone. Open fireplaces made of natural stone reminiscent of a campfire, or even more subtle, more modern designs lined with polished stone. All this is welcome in the interiors of a modern chalet. The stone is also suitable for kitchen worktops, but can be part of accessories such as coffee tables , lamps or works of art .

Other typical accessories that should not be missing when furnishing are different types of furs and skins, whether used as part of the furniture (leather seats, armchairs, chairs) or as a free-standing element: e.g. carpet on the floor or bedspread, seat in the chair or wall decoration.

Large-format mirrors in wooden frames, which reflect the beauty of the surroundings, are also a suitable accessory. And large empty walls are well filled with a series of paintings with natural scenes, or natural accessories such as an interestingly shaped piece of wood, antlers and the like.

Color design

Since this is an interior that is part of a mountain hut, even if we used it as an interior style embedded in a different environment than the mountain environment, the color palette originally used should be adhered to.

The shade of the wood is not very limited, it is enough if it includes a warm base tone. It can be dark and charred, golden and honeyy, or even faded and light. Other shades with a touch of gray are not so suitable, but if they have a strong rustic finish, an exception may occur.

Non-wood-paneled walls can afford colors that are rich and dark, such as navy ink, charcoal gray, green, black-brown, or even more traditional colors, such as plum and burgundy, which give the impression of sophistication.

Fabric accessories whose fibers have similar tones, but with impurities of mustard, mustard, terracotta and heather, will perfectly complement the atmosphere.

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